Monday, March 25, 2013

A teaser from The Evanescence!

All right! I've been getting lots and lots of request for one of these, so here you go. A teaser from The Evanescence. Keep in mind that it's supposed to be in italics and it's unedited so please excuse the mistakes :)



“You really think it’s that easy?” I ask with my head tipped back and the sunlight shimmering across my skin. I’m standing in a field filled with blooming violet flowers, the air is stifling, but in a beautiful way, because it’s real which makes it perfect.
Alex struts up to the side of me with his arms crossed over his chest and an amused quirk playing at his lips. His muscles are flexed beneath his black t-shirt, his brown hair is tousled, and his green eyes glint with mischievousness. “Of course. Why wouldn’t it be?”
I start to spin in a circle, keeping my arms to the side of me. My long, flowing brown hair blows in the gentle breeze and the back of my purple tank top sticks to my damp skin. “Because…” I spin and spin and spin, so free and everything is so wonderful.
Alex chuckles under his breath, watching me with fascination. “Because why?”
I stop spinning, facing him, and blink through the dizziness as my arms fall to my side. “Don’t you ever get the feeling that things are supposed to be harder than they are—that life is supposed to be harder?”
He cocks his head to the side with a musing expression. “You don’t think life’s hard?” He stretches his long legs, walking through the grass toward me, reducing the distance between us. “Because the other day you seemed pretty determined that everything was difficult.”
I put my hands on my hips and narrow my eyes at him, causing him to laugh. “I was having a bad day, okay? I totally failed my math test and then some weird faerie dude said I had funny looking eyes, but a nice butt. Plus my mom said that she doesn’t want me hanging out with you anymore… that you’re a bad influence on me.”
He stops in front of me, grinning from ear to ear as he eyes me over, reaching for my hips. “She was just upset because she caught us making out on the bed.”
I scrunch my nose and swat the side of his arm. “It’s not funny. Do you know how embarrassing it is to have ‘the talk.’” I make air quotes as he spreads his fingers around my waist. “When you’re eighteen years-old. Like I really didn’t know how everything works.”
“Probably pretty embarrassing.” His grin broadens. “Glad it was you and not me.”
I pinch his chest and he winces, laughing. “Stop smiling. It’s not funny.”
“Oh, it’s completely funny,” he says, his hands traveling to my back. “Besides, I think you should put into good use what your mother taught you.”
I try to stay angry, but it’s tough. “No way, if I have to suffer, than you do too. No more for you. Ever.”
His palms slide up my back, searing hot through the thin fabric of my shirt. He pauses when he reaches my neck and begins combing his fingers through my hair. “That’s not what you said last night. In fact, you were very generous to me.”
Biting my lips, I look out into the sunlight, trying to hide my blush. Alex says I’m the most emotional person he’s ever known and that he can tell what I’m thinking simply by my expression, and nine times out of ten he’s right.
He places his hand on my cheek and turns my head back to him. “Hey, no hiding from me. I like looking at you when you’re embarrassed, especially when you bite at your lip like that.”
I bite my lip harder, just to tease him, and then raise my eyebrows.
He smiles and then leans forward, placing a kiss on the corner of my mouth. My eyes shut uncontrollably and I let out a soft sigh, unable to hide what I’m feeling, which has pretty much how I’ve been since the day I was born.
“You’re beautiful,” he whispers with his lips hovering over mine. “And last night was amazing.”
It really was amazing. And perfect. And everything I’ve ever wanted. But deep down, it all feels too easy. It feels like my life should have been harder. I’m sinking deep into my thoughts, but then he kisses me, sliding his my lips open with his tongue, and I willingly open my mouth, because it’s easy. It always is with him.

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