Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shattered Promises Teaser!

Hi everyone, I'm posting another Shattered Promises (Shattered Promises, #1) teaser (note: please excuse the errors. This isn't the edited version of the book)! And I also wanted to answer some frequent questions I've been about the book/series.
1. Shatter Promise is base of The Fallen Star (Book 1), a young adult series of mine. It's told at a New Adult level, it's a fantasy, and it is not just The Fallen Star with some uncut scenes. It's me exploring the idea of how the story would have went is the characters were older. The setting is somewhat similar and the plot. There's also some scenes that are similar, but there's some that are different.

2. You don't have to read any book before this. It's its own book and will belong to its own series.

3. There will be a retelling of the other books that are in the Fallen Star Series, I just have titled any of them yet.

4. This book has a huge 17+ mature warning content on it for sexual situations and language. It's not in anyway young adult.

5. Release date. Yes, I get this one a lot.  I'm hoping upon hoping to be able to release it late this month. I'm just waiting on a few things first before I can set a definite date.

6. There's a description up on goodreads and more teasers on my blog :)

Now for the teaser. And for those of you who've read The Fallen Star, this scene takes place in the Black Dungeon.

Enjoy :)

**Mature Content Warning** Recommended for 17+**

Luckily, the song switched to a slower, more sensual beat and everyone mellowed to grind against each other. I wasn’t sure what to do or why we were out here, but Alex took the lead. He put his hand on my hip and lured me to him with his eyes on me. He slid his hand slowly up my side, along my ribs, and to my shoulder, where he started to drift downward. His skin was searing hot against my arm and when he arrived at my wrist I practically died from the heat. He gripped my wrist forcefully, pressing his fingers into my skin, then he lifted my arm up and positioned my hand on top of his shoulder.
My body was very much alive and awake and in tune and when he did the same thing with my other arm I couldn’t hold back the moan of pleasure clawing up my throat. I let it out because there was nothing else to do.
The muscles in his jaw twitched as he placed his hands on my hips and enticed me toward him until our bodies were connected. He began swaying us to the music and rubbing against me with each movement.  His green eyes were black below the inadequate lighting and his lips blood red. He inched his mouth toward my ear and breathed against my skin. “The bartender was on to you. I had to find a way to get you out of there.”
“By kissing me?” I asked, breathless.
His fingertips kneaded my hips. “That was to get you to stop choking.” He pulled back a little. “And the dancing is to get you into the crowd and away from wandering eyes. You distract everyone out here. You stand out way too much.”
I glanced at the blond girl with fangs and she was nipping at pointy-eared guys’ neck. He let out a groan similar to the one I’d let out just seconds ago.  “I think I blend in pretty well,” I said.
His brow teased upward. “Oh yeah?”
“Yeah.” I slipped my hands farther up his shoulders and down to his back. When my palms were covering his shoulder blades, I dug my nails in and pulled him closer. “In fact, I think I have this whole angel thing down pretty well.”
He shook his head, grinning haughtily. “You’d be screwed if I wasn’t here to guide you through.”
“If you weren’t here than I wouldn’t be here.” My head was getting hazy and uncensored words were slipping out of my mouth.
He frowned. “I know that.”
He grew quiet and took a step back to add room between us. His attention left me as his eyes drifted to the stairway. It bugged me, because I wanted it on me. I wanted him to look at me. Touch me. Be only about me. I was becoming very needy and the feeling consumed me.
I hooked a finger underneath his chin and forced him to look at me. “I thought you brought me out here to dance?”
His eyebrows dipped together. “No, I brought you out here to keep you hidden and to keep an eye on the staircase.”
I shook my head and scratched him with my nail as I drew my hand away. “I want to dance, just like everyone else.”
His eyes went squinty as he analyzed my facial features and eyes. “Are you drunk?”
I shook my head with sureness even though I had no idea what being drunk felt like. “No, I’m perfectly sober.”
“Good, because you only had one shot.”
He shook his head and I clamped down on his shoulders and forced him to diminish the space he’d put between us.  He was shocked, his eyes wide and his lips parted. Without another thought, I bent my head forward and collided our lips. The music was loud and drenched my body in lyrics as I basked in the taste of him. My head spun with vapor as I sucked his lip into my mouth. He groaned, loudly, and I bit down on his lip and let my hands trail down his back with my nails aiming downward so I was gently scratching at his skin.
“Gemma,” he murmured as his hand moved from my hip to my back. Then crept downward and he cupped my ass and crushed my body against his. I was drowning in blackness and he was my air. I sealed our lips together and his tongue willingly slipping into mine. I felt his breath enter my mouth and the compulsion for more took me over. My hands swiftly glided up his back and I fastened my arms around his neck. I tasted him thoroughly as I stood on my tiptoes and climbed on top of him.  His breath hitched in his throat as I hooked my legs around his midsection. I was in a dress and my legs were apart, allowing his hardness to press against me. It was stimulating and made my body crave for more, so I clung onto him and writhed my hips up and down, rubbing up against him.
He groaned a deep throaty groan and reciprocated by pushing his body closer to mine and I felt his hand slip between my legs. His eyes were shut but mine refused to close. I could see everything. Feel everything. I was high. I was centered. I was in control.
People were dancing quickly, like we were in a movie and it was stuck I fast forward—none of it could be real. Alex was kissing me, feeling me, touching me, making me feel like I’d been starved. My arms began to tremble and when I glanced down them, my skin was covered in black veins like tar had replaced my blood.  The veins where crawling across my skin and I started to scream. I was falling. Floating. What was I doing?
Alex jerked back and his lips were moving. But I couldn’t hear what he was saying. I unhitched my jaw to speak, but my voice was noiseless. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my limbs went limp. I began to sink to the ground and I wasn’t sure how far down it was before I’d hit.
Or if I’d ever hit anything.
Maybe I’d just fall, and fall, and fall.

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